UW ChemE Grad Advising

This page is for Zoom and Phone appointments. For in-person appointments on campus, please visit https://uwchemeadvising.youcanbook.me/.

Please select the appointment type to schedule an appointment.

Quick Questions

Future Students for MS and PhD programs needing clarification on one or two quick things

Current ChemE Grad Students quick questions, form drop-offs, etc.

Duration: 10 minutes

20 min appointment

Future students with lots of questions about our program and/or the application process

Current ChemE Grad students with longer questions or concerns requiring a more full conversation, including long-term planning, and personal concerns.

Duration: 20 minutes

30 min appointment

If we’ve asked you to book 30 minutes, or if you know you have a very complicated personal matter or multiple longer questions, please book 30 minutes.

Duration: 30 minutes

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